Reviews and Feedback

“A prime example of a game that is easily accessible to anyone….my favorite part was the bluffing.” 8/10 Read the full review by Dad’s Gaming Addiction. December 2015

“When the games were over, the Child Geeks all agreed that the game was fun and approved it.”  Read the full review by Father Geek.  July 2015

A brief review from Zenith on the Mighty Ape site: “Fast fun! Granny Wars is a strategic, fun, family game. The instructions are very simple, and you can start playing properly within 5 minutes. Game play doesn’t take too long. It teaches children about strategy, and poker face (often with hilarious results). The granny theme is a fun point of difference. Compact size; great to send (even overseas) as a gift – something which I will be doing. December 31, 2013

The website jedisjeux, asks, “Are you sick of Chtulu, steampunk and pink wooden cubes representing ham?” and recommends Granny Wars as a refreshing alternative. Read the article (in French), published 28 October 2013.

Photo of Granny Wars box and contents“A great game of tit for tat.  The kids loved the fact that they only knew their granny and they also learnt how to use the negative numbers.”

Peter Noble,

“It’s a superb little filler in the vein of classics like No Thanks and Coloretto.  In fact, I think, this game will complete the trifecta.  Quick, fun and simple. Every gamer household should have a set.”

Sean Hanson

“I played this at Board Games By The Bay, and it was a great filler-game.  I highly recommend grabbing this as you can learn the game in under a minute, it’s lightening-quick to play and it’s fun.  It’s also a great intro to the traitor mechanic used in many other games, such as The Resistance, Battlestar Galactica and many more.”

Travis Smith

New Zealand publisher SchilMil Games plans to release Granny Wars: A Game of Tit for Tat from the design trio of Amanda Milne, Julia Schiller and Brad Thompson … and the cover image is so awesome that I had to bump up the size to medium to show it off. “Knit one, purl to the face!”

W. Eric Martin, New Game Roundup on BoardGameGeek

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