Game design: Brad Thompson, Julia Schiller, and Amanda Milne

Box cover art: Katie Curd

Card artwork: Kuan-Sheng Hsu  and SchilMil

Rulebook design: Amanda Milne

Special thanks to:

*  All the play-testers especially Katherine Boag, Nathan Grange, Chris Guthrey, Allan Milton, Martin Wallace and Nicolas Zawadzki

*  The PledgeMe backers,  including the Anonymous (you know who you are!)

*  The TradeMe auction winners: Mari Shackleton and Jeremy Yeo

* Not forgetting those who helped out in and on the PledgeMe video:
Terry Holloway & Sue Hawkins; Hazel Purdie; Shayne Neville; John Kershaw; Chris, Alex and Ashleigh Guthrey; Nicolas Zawadzki;  Nathan Grange; and Katherine Boag

Shows the Granny Wars box and contents