Granny Tales

Just as hoped, a colourful group of women appear as our featured grannies. Here are some of their


Grandma Allison

Though she’s always smiling, Grandma Allison is a very serious board game geek. She loves Euro games, but has been known to play card games as well. She often hosts games nights at her house.


Big Grammy

Famous for never quite making it back to the group in time after setting the timer on the camera, Big Grammy likes to crochet and do other crafts.


Evie Hill

Like a bright little bird, Grandma Hill loved gardening, seeing the funny side of things, playing her Baby Grand Piano, and getting the family together for meals.  She made the best homemade ice creams.  She would travel anywhere by car, train or bus, but would not get on an aeroplane, as she couldn’t figure out what kept it in the sky!  She didn’t mind a good joke, and thought it made good sense to pick up handy freebies out of her neighbours’ letterbox, if they took too long to take them out themselves.  She crocheted pretty well, and loved her little dog, Puddles.