Blank-Gold-CardWhy are there blank cards?

The four blank Gold cards are a bonus feature included in the first print run as a way of encouraging additional pledges during the Granny Wars crowdfunding campaign.

They should not be dealt out with the rest of the cards, but are rather for people who might like to create their own nana powers to add variety to their play.  We’d be curious to hear the ideas you come up with.  Please email us at feedback@cheekyparrotgames.com and we may share them!

If you lose a card, you can also draft one of these as a replacement.

What’s the story behind Gran Gama?

Gran-GamaAs part of the PledgeMe campaign, supporters could honour a loved one by getting them included in the game.  Grandma Gama’s son thought she would be perfect to grace the Clean Out Gold card because whenever she comes over to his house, she can’t help herself but start cleaning!  Her dress is a traditional Slovak kroj, not as elaborate as they can get, but we felt it was important to include it since she enjoys participating in ethnic events.  Definitely a colourful character, Gama also reads at least ten books a week and collects pill boxes from all over the world.


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